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Praying Together Newsletter

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  • Digital Prayer Ministry
  • Pentecost 2025
  • Prayer list for June and July 2024

Camp Meeting Report
The first of June, I intended to  make a final ask for volunteers for camp meeting. Well, Covid hit me and my husband and while we got over it quickly it saps the energy and I did not sent out anymore requests for volunteers.

But praise God, He provided more prayer volunteers than last year. A big shout out to, Debbie Gardner, Sandy and Darayl Larsen, Cheryl and David Wallace, Caryl Tallon who volunteered from Oregon Conference;  Rosemarie Tiffany, Jarmila Van Arsdel, Sue Patzer, Stef Brimacomb, Scotty Fletcher, and James Ash our leader. A big thank you also to those who came to the prayer room to pray for camp meeting and others. We were able to minister to a steady stream of people through intercessory prayer, anointing, and providing a safe place to pray.   Children through adults were able to paint their thoughts on a prayer rock to be shared with others.

God was present, We prayed for revival and many who came to the room were revived and renewed in their walk with Jesus! You can watch the camp meetings on Youtube here. or at

Early Bird Discount for "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" Prayer Summit
Registration opened the first day of camp meeting for the fall Prayer Summit October 4-6. Many people took the card for this event and plan to sign up. There is a $15 discount for signing up now. The normal price will be $155. This includes two nights at Camp MiVoden and 6 meals.  

I am asking all prayer leaders in any capacity to sign up right away this summer with the early bird special. Get registered early so you can be there. Our goal is to have every single church represented at this fall's prayer summit. We are excited about this special time to "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and learn how prayer will be instrumental in bringing more people to also turn their eyes on Jesus. Go here for more info and to register.  

An original painting of the artwork for this summit was in the prayer room at camp meeting. A little child was standing in front of the picture quietly. Then she turned to me and exuberantly said, "I just love Jesus!" My prayer for this Prayer Summit is that it will be a defining moment in your life.

4th Friday
Calling All prayer leaders of all prayer groups and church prayer leaders. Let's pray together this coming Friday June 28 from 7 to 8 pm. I want to hold you up in prayer and hear about prayer ministry in your church or group.  This time of prayer and networking is for you. 4th Friday in July will be July 26.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 850 4078 5330  Passcode: 731959

Digital Prayer Ministry
Thank you for praying for our five churches working on Digital Prayer Ministry. We are ready to schedule ads to be created. For churches that want a final zoom meeting to solidify your team, we will meet with you! Just call Prayer Ministries at 509-242-0512 to schedule. Please pray for this program to be successful in each community in bringing people to Jesus. The churches are, Pasco Riverview, Grangeville, Lewiston, Spokane Central and West Plaines Community. For more information about this ministry go to:

Pentecost 2025
Sabbath Morning during Sabbath School, Eric Brown presented Pentecost 2025. I invite you to listen to this presentation. it begins at 19 minutes in.

Let me just say, that we know it is God's will that we pray mightily for the latter rain. We have already been praying for God's Holy Spirit to fall on every man and women and boy and girl in UCC and beyond. But now we will join with churches all across North America to pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to fall.  Every prayer group, every prayer meeting, every Sabbath we should pray for God's Holy Spirit Power. We want to be in unity with the will of God and we know it is his will to pour out His power without measure so that the Gospel --  the saving power of Jesus -- goes to every person in the world. Once I receive brochures for this, I will send 5 to each prayer leader. 

This and That!
Donations: Do you want to help others go to the yearly prayer summit?  Each year there is the possibility that someone needs sponsorship. If you want to donate $50, $30, or even $150 toward people being able to attend the prayer summit October 4-6, 2024, donate through your church and mark it UCC Prayer Ministries Prayer Summit Donation or you may go to the registration page for the prayer summit and donate there. While there we invited you to sign up to come!  God Bless you!

Idaho Sonshine: There will be an opportunity to pray with people at a health clinic called Idaho Sonshine this coming September 18-20. If interested, go to:

UCC In the Word and Conversations with God
The "Conversations With God" Evening Prayer Room is now in Song of Solomon, then Isaiah. If you'd like to join in listening or reading the word together Sunday through Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. go to:

MeetingID: 817 3750 6481 Passcode: 433052 

Prayer List for June and July, 2024
(For a complete prayer list for each week:

~ Praying Together News is prepared by Kathy Marson, Prayer Ministries Coordinator for Upper Columbia Conference.

Resource Links For Prayer Leaders
These links help you find important information about prayer. For the zoom locations, the link simply takes you to our prayer calendar where you will find the link embedded on each day. Keep the calendar handy to participate.
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Prayer Resources  — Find at Vertical Resources
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