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4th SABBATH 4 HIM (His In Music, Ministry, Mission & Merriment): 


Join us for the 4th Sabbath 4 HIM Sabbath, November 26, 2022.  Start the day with Sabbath School and Church.  Bring a dish or two to share for fellowship dinner and stay by for ministry, music and merriment!  We will be packing duffle bags for children coming into foster care and make small blankets for these children.  We will then transition to the Bacon home at 570 Hotchkiss Road, Colville, WA for a flexible afternoon/evening of songs, bon-fire. After sundown there will be table games inside and air-soft outside.  Following this some may want to continue on to gym night.  It will be full day of fellowship!


Invite your friends!

Come for part or all of this blessed day.


Activities begin at 9:45 am

Colville Seventh-day Adventist Church, 138 E. Cedar Loop, Colville, 509-684-5845.


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November 15, 2022

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Thirty-one Days of Prayer for Renewal
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A reminder that the Vertical Prayer — to ask God to pour out His Holy Spirit among us and give us a vision for how we can reach lost men and women and boys and girls for His kingdom — is fulfilled through renewed hearts! We are excited to join with you in praying for a renewed experience with Jesus.

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