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News and events for January 20, 2021


An Answer to Prayer
When Petra Dotson prayed for God to lead her, He asked her to go way outside of her comfort zone. This resulted in a trust in God that allowed her to share more about prayer in a set of YouTube videos. Read the rest of Petra's story at



What Drives Your Goals?

Are your personal goals motivated by fear or by love? Cindy Williams, RN, UCC health ministries coordinator, shares a story about how we are motivated to create personal goals. Read more of the story at

General Conference Session Postponed
For the second time in 10 months, members of the executive committee of the global Seventh-day Adventist Church have voted to postpone the quinquennial session of the denomination, originally scheduled for late June 2020, due to challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the full story, see

Principal of Walla Walla Valley Academy Interviewed
Erik Borges, the principal for Walla Walla Valley Academy, was interviewed recently by Blue Mountain TV. To watch the interview, along with a devotion and an update on the progress of Blue Mountain TV's new facility see

Did You Miss 10 Days of Prayer?
The North Pacific Union hosted a very meaningful 10 Days of Prayer event. If you missed any of the devotional and prayer days, you can catch up at

Free Seminar on Gardening — January 31
Spring is just around the corner! Get ready by learning more about gardening with Dawn Tramell, successful northwest gardener and herbalist. The event will be livestreamed on Sunday, January 31, 2021, from 2:30-5 p.m. Topics include: selecting seeds, basic seed starting, soil/garden preparation, what to grow month by month and edible plants. See the flier for more information. To join the seminar, go to

Teen Extreme Missing Caving Tools
Teen Extreme is looking for their cave navigating tools including compasses. Someone borrowed them and have yet to return them. Please contact Rick Pummel at if you have any information that may lead to the safe return of this equipment. 

Letter From UCC President Regarding COVID and Call to Action
As we reflect on 2020, it was a year of challenge like none we have faced in more than a century. Several of our churches have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks and members have gone to their rest. These are not faceless statistics of some far-off land — these are our family members, our neighbors, and our friends. These losses are increasing at an alarming rate. Read the rest of the letter at

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts and Myths
The development of the COVID-19 vaccines brings hope for a better tomorrow. It also inspires myths and rumors, which can spread quickly on social media. Adventist Health has compiled a quick list of facts and myths about the COVID-19 vaccines. For the full story, see

Praying Together for January 20

  • Please remember Crestview Adventist School in Moses Lake, Wash. We ask God for the students and teachers to have a good learning experience and that above all they will develop a stronger relationship with Jesus. 
  • Let us pray for the Umapine Church and their new pastor, Ken LeBrun. Pray also for Lewiston Adventist Church and pastor Justin Knapp. We pray that God will give energy and insight to the pastors and leaders and grant his loving spirit to envelope the church members as they work together to share Jesus. 
  • Pray for our country, that God will keep us from all harm, that he will watch over our lives, our comings and goings now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8. 
  • Let us also pray this verse through for each other.

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12 
As we seek God through prayer and pray for each other, the UCC Prayer Team is also remembering your requests. To send in your prayer request, go to

Book on Difficult Communication Now Available at AdventSource
Tired of tone-deaf dialogues? Angry online exchanges? Misunderstandings? Seeking an Understanding by Seth Pierce, PhD, makes communication research accessible for those who want to have better conversations. It combines interpersonal and intercultural communication principles, with a practical pastoral approach. At the end of each chapter you will find a few reflections and exercises that will challenge you to dig deeper into what you really understand and believe. This book is an ideal starting point for anyone feeling overwhelmed and confused by the communicative chaos of the world around them. For more information, see

Senate Chaplain Reflects on Capitol Riot
The closing prayer offered at the momentous session of the United States Senate on Jan. 6-7, by Barry Black, a Seventh-day Adventist chaplain for the U.S. Senate, calls upon God to help bring healing and unity to a divided nation. In this video he recalls his experiences during the attack on the Capitol. See

Not Too Late to Join Three-Part Series on Three Angels Message
The Sandpoint Adventist Church is continuing their three-part series on the Three Angels message on January 23, and 30. The series is presented by Pastor Angel Rodriguez. It is livestreamed and available at The flier can be viewed here

Summer Openings Available at Camp MiVoden
Want a summer adventure and to learn more about Jesus for your child or youth? Send them to a week of summer camp at Camp MiVoden. We have openings in all our Youth Camps, Ultimate Camps and DiscipleTrek Camp. You can learn more about our camps at Any questions please email or call (509) 242-0506.

Lifestyle Coaching Skills Workshop Coming February 7
You are invited to attend a free online Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop hosted by LifeStart Clinics in collaboration with the General Conference Health Ministries department starting on February 7, 2021. Lifestyle Coaching Skills (LCS) is a workshop curriculum developed by General Conference Health Ministries that will help you form meaningful relationships with your community. You will gain the skills necessary to assist people in overcoming the challenges of everyday life and the power of long-term habits. Lifestyle Coaching Skills uses biblical principles to provide personalized support that can cut through common barriers to lifestyle change. For more information about LCS training go to

Boost Your Immunity Seminar
The Boost Your Immunity: Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Your Immunity Seminar: You have more control over your immune system than you might think. With Covid-19, and cold & flu season here, it’s time to take charge of your health. Our presenter, Valerie, will present evidence-based research for how you can improve your immunity. She will also demonstrate some simple recipes for foods that naturally fight illness. On January 28 at 6:30 p.m. the Otis Orchards Seventh-day Adventist Church is hosting a virtual presentation that will focus on ways to and recipes to help improve your immunity. This is a live-streamed event. There will be no in-person audience. Register Now.

Offering Appeal for January 23, 2021
Religious Liberty
A pastor stood on a ledge with a long drop before him. This group of Houston pastors had gone on a team-building exercise as part of a faith-building experience. They helped each other through obstacle courses and challenges to accomplish tasks they could not have done alone. They called the final challenge “the step of faith.” The pastor was hooked to a harness. Then he would step forward and drop 50 feet to the ground. The coach reminded him, “We are here for you. We’ve got you. Just believe and take the step of faith.” After a moment of silent prayer, the pastor stepped forward. The seconds felt like an eternity as he dropped into what seemed an endless descent. Then the tension on the line increased, and at last his descent decreased in speed. When he landed, the pastor dropped to his knees and thanked the Lord. All the pastors learned how teamwork could bring a group together to achieve a common goal. Each individual, when they gave their best, enhanced the entire team’s abilities to complete their mission. The exercise reminded them how faith in God helped the team triumph in what seemed impossible. When talking to the disciples, Christ gave them a message. “And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.” Mark 11:22. Today, let us give God our best in our offerings so that together we can achieve the common goal to expand the indispensable work in defending religious liberty across the North American Division.

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Keeping the financial health of our church in mind
Giving Plan
How your local church budget fits into "My Personal Giving Plan"
Like every family, the local church family has financial obligations to meet. Some are easy to see like power and heat, but many are not so obvious: children’s magazines, Sabbath School Bible study guides, teaching supplies, staff salaries, cleaning services, church school operating expenses, property insurance, worthy student fund, and community outreach. These are but a few of the costs that must be met month after month as the local church seeks to be a light in the community. Because these expenses are constant, My Personal Giving Plan recommends that 3-5 percent of one’s income be set aside for the local church budget. This systematic giving ensures that all share both in the blessings and the responsibilities of the local congregation.
The North American Division encourages the use of the “My Personal Giving Plan.” This plan was developed as a guideline to assist members in systematic giving. The plan suggests that, in addition to returning 10 percent of a member’s personal income as tithe, certain percentages may be dedicated as offerings to three main categories:
• Local Church Budget: 3-5 percent
• Conference Advance: 1-2 percent
(Education, evangelism, VBS, summer camps, and union magazines)
• World Budget: 1-3 percent
*Visit to see a more extensive breakdown for each category.
The My Personal Giving Plan encourages each of us to renew our commitment to the principles of Christian stewardship. While it blesses the church as a whole, its real impact is on us as individuals in our faith-based covenant with God.
Everything in God’s creation is orderly and purposeful. The same can be said of My Personal Giving Plan. Like all plans, it requires thought and consideration. No great work can be built upon emotional or sporadic giving.
Giving Options
In giving to the Lord's Work during this crisis, use your local church website or go to UCC Giving site:

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